Field Adventures in Paleontology: a unique personal view of what hunting for fossils is really like!

Have you ever wondered what it's really like to dig for dinosaur bones on Alaska's North Slope? To excavate cave fossils high in the mountains of Colorado? To hunt for trilobites in the Utah desert? To collect fossil urchins from cliffs on Australia's seashore?

These and many more adventures await you in the pages of this book. From Ontario to Argentina to Wyoming, you'll screen for microfossils from anthills, excavate bones large and small, and collect beautiful invertebrate and plant fossils. By the time you finish reading these tales, you'll feel like you've been there yourself!

"Scores of books have been published on dinosaurs, and others offering tips on how to collect fossils...but few have a distinctive autobiographical 'flavor' while emphasizing the romancing of old stones and bones, which is why I read cycad-loving Lynne's tales with enthusiasm. She's dug fossils in places that even [Roy Chapman] Andrews would have heartily agreed qualify as 'the ends of the earth.'...another refreshing aspect to Lynne's work is that, historically, few females do this particular kind of natural history writing. She's a wonderful all ye fossil collectors out there, settle back in your easy chairs -- Lynne has some interesting things to relate..."
--Allen A. Debus, Hell Creek Creations

"Lynne's book is one of those rare, personal volumes that captures the very essence of this science that we all love. We all know there is a magic about fossils, some indescribable essence that we can't quite put our finger on. Field Adventures in Paleontology is driven by this very magic, and proceeds to document a lifetime of discovery and amazement."
--Steve Brusatte, Dino Land Gazette

"Paleontologist Clos describes her experiences collecting fossils in exotic locations around the world. Writing for fossil collectors and the interested general reader, she uses a conversational style to recount 22 adventures, which are illustrated with b&w photographs. Clos is editor of Fossil News magazine."
--Jane Erskine, Book News

22 adventures in all:

Softcover, 208 pages, 141 photos, 22 drawings. $15 + FREE SHIPPING.

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